Make me fabulous

Yemisi & Oluwole Evaluate Their Relationship On Make Me Fabulous!

The fourth episode of Make Me Fabulous Season 2 was truly a memorable one. The Show is all about keeping families together and strengthening marriages, and it gives us such joy when we hear from our couples that we are achieving exactly that.

During the Talk To Steph segment with our guest couple, Yemisi and Oluwole, I was overjoyed to hear that they had the opportunity to connect during their time spent on the show in a way that they normally wouldn’t have. The importance of spending quality time together with your spouse cannot be overemphasized. It’s very important for couples to get together once in a while to evaluate their relationship in the right setting and we’re glad we were able to do this for Yemisi and Oluwole!

Here is a short clip from my chat with the lovely couple:

To watch the full episode, visit or CLICK HERE

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