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Should You Save To Buy A Phone?

The iPhone X is out! People are going gaga over it. It was introduced to the market with a price tag of $1,000. One thousand dollars equals N360,500! Hmm! What else can you use N360k to buy apart from…

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What’s Your Story?

If you had to tell your story to a stranger, what story, in all the years you have lived, will you share? I want to hear the story of your life in just five (5) sentences. Tell a story…

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Sending Love and Light to all victims of flood

It is a serious and heartbreaking situation at Texas. The city is submerging! Hurricane Harvey has left in its wake destruction. Five people are dead, and almost all institutions are shut down – schools, airports etc. We, in Nigeria,…

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What would you do with a whooping $758.7m?!

A Massachusetts hospital worker has won the largest single-ticket prize in US lottery history, a whooping $758.7m Powerball jackpot. Mavis Wanczyk’s numbers hit the jackpot, now she is a multi-millionaire! What she did, after winning, was call her employers immediately…

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Stephanie’s Poll: Language vs Music

Hey Lovelies, I was listening to the radio yesterday when I heard this interesting question which I’d like us to discuss today. If God offered you super powers to do just one of these two, what would it be:…

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A Lady And Her Manicure

There is this perception by most people that women who keep well manicured nails (mostly artificial), don’t do any kind of domestic work. A friend of mine brought this topic up again recently. According to her, her younger sister went…