Spice Up Your Intimate Relationships

Meaningful and well thought conversations are a must to sustain healthy status in a relationship. We have found 4 variety of guide questions in form of games just for you.

Relationship cards are the perfect addition to your date night, anniversary, or any intimate moment and these cards help spark deep and meaningful conversations, reigniting the flame and helping couples fall in love all over again.

Here are four essential categories to explore:


Deepen your emotional and physical connection with prompts about desires and overall intimacy. Build trust and ensure both partners feel loved. Buy here

1. Family Talk

Explore childhood memories, think on family choices, and parenting styles. Build a stronger foundation by understanding each other’s backgrounds and values and think of what family will be like together. Buy here

2. Icebreaker

Thinking of fun questions to get you laughing and learning new things about each other. Perfect for adding fun to your itinerary. Buy here

3. Relationship

Enjoy the moment with lots of option for a good conversation about memorable moments and future goals. Buy here

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