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“GOD, when?” That’s how some people refer to it – the next stage of their lives. We ask four people what they are expecting as the year continues to wait for no one.

What is your next level in life?

“My next level is to get a few professional degrees, so I can walk into certain rooms and impress the people who matter. I want my CV to speak loudly on my behalf before they even meet me. I want anticipation for my coming. I want smiles and raised hopes for what I can deliver. But I know how the world works, and I know I can’t get that kind of corporate attention if I don’t upgrade in certain ways, and getting some professional courses is one very important route. I am working on it.” – Amanda

“My next level is to japa, but not to America or Canada or UK. I want to move to East Africa for new opportunities. I have been to Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania. I have also built solid relationships online with businesses and people that resonate with my beliefs across, and I am just tidying up a few things now so I can make that move as soon as possible, Wish me luck!” – Bunmi

“My next level is to watch my baby get into Junior School after a tedious season in Primary Education. Raising a child requires a lot of personal sacrifices, I admire fellow parents on this journey, and I cannot help but be slightly jealous of those who have older kids which allow them enjoy a more independent life. Ultimately, I am looking forward to raising an exceptional child, but for now the next step is secondary school. I pray for strength.” – Mira

“My next level is starting another business. I have three small businesses and they are doing very well in the last three years. I am ready to start a fourth business – bakery. I have done all my research, and I will be collaborating with an existing bakery . A few more documents to sign and I will step into a next level that I hope will meet my expectations. Life is all about trying new things, getting the right knowledge, taking risks, counting your losses, and celebrating your wins.” – Effiong.

Care to share your next level plans with us?

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