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5 Things I Love About Mondays

It’s Monday!

Yes I know we are still in very uncertain times around the world, but hey, the start of another work week is always a good opportunity for us to press that reset button, accomplish things and tackle our goals head on.

So, let’s jump right into it! Here are 5 reasons why I absolutely love Mondays!

  1. Lists! Mondays for me is a day of writing those important lists. I’m a firm believer of organization. You can get a lot done when you know exactly what you want out of your day and week.
  2. You start afresh with renewed energy and motivation. No matter what happened last week, Monday always seems like a fresh start.
  3. You’ve got a whole week ahead of you to achieve your goals. Set goals about how you want your week to look like on Mondays and enjoy a fulfilling week ahead.
  4. Mondays give me an opportunity to push through those difficult tasks I thought I couldn’t achieve. There’s this burst of energy that tells me that I am able and constantly working at conquering my fear.
  5. It’s a beautiful day to be you! Be happy to be living and grateful that you get to experience such a wonderful day!

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