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August 6th was the day we celebrated FRIENDHSIP DAY in 2023.

Friends! Ah! What can we do without them? They are the family we get to choose for ourselves. We may not have any choice with the parents or siblings we get, but we should be fully aware that becoming friends with someone is our choice and responsibility. So what kind of FRIEND are you?

We ask people:

“I used to be the very supportive friend, but I’ve been burnt a number of times. Now I’m the let’s-see-what-happens friend. LOL! I don’t want to get caught up in drama. Even though I love my friends, I try not to act like someone with a messiah complex. We are all adults, so I only intefer when it gets desperate.” – Elisha

“I’ve had a rough road with friendship, but I am more intentional now, so I surround myself with friends who have good intentions, I move away from bad energy. But you can trust that I will always be that friend who will keep your secret and protect you from shame or harm.” – Adaora

“I am a keeper. I’ve had friends in my life for over thirty years – friends from primary school! Of course, it comes with its own unique challenges, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Last year summer, I travelled to three countries with friends I’ve had for twenty years! It was the best time ever! I am grateful for friendship.” – Tara

“I have different types of friendship. I learnt to compartmentalize my friendships. This help me gauge my expectations. There are some friends that have solid integrity and will never be caught in debt or owing people. There are friends who are always there during sad times, and there are friends who can only be part of the good times. It’s an energy thing. There are friends you travel with and those you can partner for business. Know how to compartmentalize your friendship, and you will live a happy life.” – Mrs. Edet

So, what kind of friend are you?

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