Checkout these Visa-Free Destinations in West Africa for Summer Getaways

Summer here already and we bring you a pocket friendly holiday destination that is visa free. Rest is health and here are 3 nearby countries to consider:

Benin Republic


Ouidah, Benin, is an ideal budget-friendly summer retreat for Nigerian families seeking a hassle-free getaway. With its visa-free entry for Nigerians, the gem offers a pleasant blend of culture and seaside relaxation just a stone’s throw away from home; 4 hours’ drive from Lagos-Badagry and $135 average for a round trip.  Visit the attractive shores by the Casa del Papa Resort & Spa, most ideal in affordability and comfort, where families can indulge in oceanfront accommodations without breaking the bank. In Ouidah, cultural exploration knows no bounds, Ouidah promises a summer escape filled with both enrichment and tranquillity. Make sure to try the Benin Gbegiri.




Ghana, an 1hour 5 mins trip for an average of $145.8, short flight away. Ghana welcomes Nigerians with free visa entry. Shai Hill and Accra should be in your bucket list. There are beautiful places to explore like the historic Cape Coast Castle, explore the markets of Makola, and a sunset view to relax at Labadi Beach while sipping from a whole coconut. Don’t miss the chance to visit Kakum National Park, where you can experience a thrilling canopy walk high above the rainforest. A weekend will definitely be well spent.



Another visa-free entry 4 hours by road and average of $370 by air. It is perfect for those seeking scenic beauty and adventure. Lomé, the capital, has many budget hotels and guesthouses. Spend your days relaxing on Lomé’s beaches, visiting the vibrant Grand Marché, or hiking in the Kpalimé region, known for its beautiful waterfalls and lush landscapes. Togo’s mix of cultural and natural attractions makes it an ideal destination for a relaxing and enjoyable vacation.

These destinations gives us opportunity for cultural explorations and relaxation during holidays, all without the need for a visa, making summer travel easy and affordable. Have you been to any of these? Give more suggestions.

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