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What Do Men Find Most Attractive In Women?

There’s a saying that goes thus – ‘One man’s meat is another man’s poison‘.

This applies to a variety of things, including a man’s type of woman. One man might like a slim woman, another might like a plump one. One man might like a dark skinned woman while another might like a light skinned one.

However, there are general traits that men tend to like in women, things that attract them.

I asked a few people and here are the most common answers I heard:

1. A confident woman: A man likes a woman who is sure of her self, who speaks well, raises her head up high and can hold her ground anywhere.

2. A beautiful woman: A man likes to look at pleasant things and a woman with a pleasant face and features is just right for him.

3. A respectful woman: Most men have big egos and they like a woman who can stroke it and not disrespect it. Men in general are attracted to women who have a good level of respect for them.

4. ______________

I want to know what you think. SL Fabz, complete the list. What do men find most attractive in women?

This question is for guys and ladies so let the comments roll in!

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