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Talk To Steph : Scorned

This is the story of thousands of women around the world today, read the story and share your thoughts

Kate looks at her husband, the father of her three children, the man she loves with all her heart, the man she gave up her thriving modeling career for, the man she had supported and played house with for the past ten years. Kate looks at him again and again with burning hatred. She fights back the tears that threaten to burst her eyes open. “What do you mean you want a divorce?” she says with a husky voice, Femi replies with no emotions; “I am sorry but it isn’t working”. Kate laughs through her tears; “it’s not working huh, Femi? After ten years? I gave you ten years of my life, three beautiful children and a comfortable home, I dedicated my life to making things easier for you and all of a sudden, it’s not working? You don’t…. Femi cuts off his wife’s sentence and speaks to her rudely; “see, I don’t have time for all this crybaby attitude, it’s better you stop this and listen to what I have to say carefully”. Femi pauses as Kate stares at him with tears streaming down her once slim face which is a little bit plum now. “You can’t even fake a little remorse, you act like you can’t even wait to get rid of me, me, Femi” Kate says in the calmest voice she could muster as opposed to the burning rage and hurt she feels inside, Femi hisses; “Are you going to listen?” , “You are leaving me for her aren’t you? You are leaving your children for her”, Kate continues. “I am not leaving my children, I am leaving you and you can’t keep them away from me besides I don’t know what you are talking about”, Femi replies in a rush of words. Kate stands up from the bed and paces; ” You must think I am a fool, I knew about it from the beginning, I just thought you will soon get over her like the rest of them, I guess I was wrong. She keeps pacing around the room as she utters inaudible words like she is having a dialogue with herself. Femi stands up from the bed and moves towards the door; ” Even though you are not interested in what I have to say, I am going to say it anyway” he clears his throat; “I will give you two million for the divorce settlement, you can keep the house and the cars and I will give you a hundred and fifty thousand naira for the children’s monthly upkeep besides the children’s……”. Kate touches her husband’s lips in a bid to keep him from speaking; “Save your breath darling, I want thirty percent of the company’s shares”. She starts wiping her tears with the back of her hand, a shocked Femi responded; “What?” Kate replies with a clear and sharp voice, with more vigor this time; “I want thirty percent of the company’s shares, that should get me a seat on the board right?” Femi stares at his wife as if trying to decipher if she’s joking and burst into a ripples of laughter “You got me”, he stops laughing when he sees Kate’s serious look; “I am not joking, Femi”. Femi’s face straightened and then turns into a hard frown. “That’s not going to happen” Femi says. Kate smiles at her husband with contempt; “Really?”, she says feeling on top of her game. “Why don’t you just take what I am offering and leave me in peace?” Femi screams like someone in pain. “Why should I do that, when I can see you squirm?”, she replies with a smile of contentment on her face. Femi paces around the room and looks back at the woman who is about to be his ex-wife, I don’t know this woman, he thought, the woman he married is at least 50 pounds slimmer, bubbly and he couldn’t get enough of her, ten years later , she is a shadow of herself, gosh! Look at the rolls of fat on her stomach, she looks like my mother. He snaps out of his trance as Kate walks to the bathroom to wash her face. “Kate” he calls out loud, he notices how calm she has suddenly become; “You look pretty co-ordinated for a woman whose husband is about to divorce her” Kate picks up a towel and dries her face; “I am sure it would give you so much pleasure to see me beg. No, grovel for mercy but sorry to disappoint you, I won’t give you that satisfaction” she says as she walks out of the bathroom and seats in front of the mirror to clean her face. A frustrated Femi yells at her. “You gold- digging b*”. Kate suddenly throws the cleanser’s bottle at his head and yells back at him with pure rage as she rushes towards him; “How dare you? Babafemi Ernest Martins, you had nothing when I met you, I had a career and I gave up my whole savings to start that company you now sit at its head table, how dare you call me, Kate, a gold- digger? It is that whore you are sleeping with that deserves that title, not me”. Kate goes back to her chair. Femi is stunned by her sudden change of temper but quickly puts his emotions in check. “Well, you can’t have thirty percent of my company and nobody is going to believe that nonsense you just spit”, she looks at her husband reflection in the mirror; “I have proof, Femi and I am sure you are not stupid enough to believe that nonsense you just spit” she replies calmly, almost like a different woman . Femi stares at his wife with confusion written all over his face. “Femi, do you mind? Get the * out of my house, I will have your things sent to your office”, Femi tries to speak but Kate waves him off. “Speak to my lawyers” she says as she focuses on herself.

What have we learnt from this piece? Was Kate right to overlook her husband’s escapades? And to the men, do you understand why Femi fell out of love with his wife? Please share your thoughts…

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