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Photos From Joyful & Temitope’s Emotional Encounter On Make Me Fabulous Episode 2

Hey lovelies,

It’s another time to share photos from Make Me Fabulous with you and I’m so happy to share this particular episode. One unique thing about the couple we featured on Episode 2 – Joyful & Temitope – is that it was the husband who wrote in this time around for a chance to be on the show. Most entries we get on this blog comes from the women, and so when a man writes in, it’s always so special to us. 

Temitope wanted to make his marriage with his lovely wife better and stronger and we’re glad we were able to make that dream come true.

Here are some lovely photos from their time on the show:


Joyful was so excited to see the Next Page Productions team. She welcome them warmly into her home.

This time around, we switched things up a bit and began the day with some shopping at the Max Store with the help of our stylist, Chioma Okereke.

Temitope was not left out of the fun experience. The shopping was for both of them!

They had a lovely time, but we still had more for them. Their day was just getting started.

For their lodging, we found them a serene and lovely place to relax far away from the hustle and bustle of the ever busy Lagos city life – The Epe Resort & Spa!

That look on Joyful’s face is everything! We can feel the love.

Joyful & Temitope got comfortable in their luxury suite and we couldn’t help but feel the joy and happiness radiating from them.


Before setting out for other activities, our lovely couple were treated to a quick lunch.

The vast grounds of the Epe Resort & Spa was the perfect spot for some outdoor activities.

Joyful & Temitope had fun in a game of Lawn Tennis

And Table Tennis as well!

Next, we took Joyful away for her fabulous transformation and that began with a visit to the hair stylist.

We trusted no other person but Ferdinand to take her hair from this…

…to this!!!

Next, the talented makeup artist – Kelechi of Belle Bedazzled Makeover began her work.

And in no time, Joyful was looking completely stunning!!!

That blue outfit suited her perfectly, and we couldn’t wait for her husband to see her!

The admiration on his face was all we could ask for

And you bet he told his wife just how beautiful she looked 😍

They settled down to have an intimate and delicious dinner…

And afterwards, it was time to meet them. It was quite a pleasant surprise because they weren’t expecting me.

We sat down to talk about their exciting experience on the show.

It was such a pleasure meeting them.

We were so glad to see them looking much happier and fabulous at the end of the day. But we were not done with them just yet!

The next morning began beautifully and held so much promise.

They were treated to a tasty breakfast in their suite.

Next, it was time to explore the grounds of the beautiful resort once more. This time around, it was on their bikes.

It was nice to see them having so much fun…

… and creating beautiful memories.

Soon it was time for their vow renewal ceremony.

Joyful walked in looking stunning, and it was so fulfilling to see them looking so happy.

But nothing prepared us for that emotional moment when Temitope got on his knees to read his vows to Joyful. The sincerity behind every word and every action was so apparent.

Joyful could not hold back her tears.

After that came the laughter and the smiles.

We all had a reason to celebrate!!!

Next, it was time to give them some lovely gifts. I love that look of anticipation on Joyful’s face.

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, we didn’t disappoint them

They were so so happy!

Big thanks to Joyful and Temitope for being our guests on the show. We hope your marriage continues to grow in love and strength and that this marks a new beginning for you both!

Visit to watch the video of Episode 2 or CLICK HERE.

Many thanks to our sponsors for making this episode possible. We truly appreciate you!
Hotel: The Epe Resort & Spa
Car: GAC Motors GS 5
Bank: Union Bank
Joyful’s First Outfit: Max
Joyful’s Second Outfit: The Muse Factory
Joyful’s Shoes:
Temitope’s First Outfit: Max
Temitope’s Second Outfit: Bluebreed Clothing
Makeup Artist: Kelechi Igbokwe of Belle Bedazzled
Hair Stylist: Ferdinand Odinaka Orji of Ferdinands Hair
Stylist: Chioma Okereke
Stephanie’s First Outifit: The Muse Factory
Stephanie’s Second Outfit: The Muse Factory
Fabrics: Vlisco
Photography: Mofebamuyiwa (BMB Studio)
Couple’s Air Conditioner: Gree
Couple’s Lamps: Lontor
Couple’s Gifts: Cookie Skin & Green Valley Oatmeal

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