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#MakeMeFabulous: Mr and Mrs Asolo get the fabulous treat!

Yesterday, Sunday, #MakeMeFabulous debuted on Africa Magic Showcase, Channel 151. The first episode was the story of Mr and Mrs Asolo.

I had received a mail from her during the early stages where she disclosed the strain her young marriage was going through- two miscarriages and no time away from work. She worried and was drowning in unhappy thoughts.

In a hundred requests, her message caught my heart and so she was the first couple to get the special luxury treat by #MakeMeFabulous!

A woman full of life, Mrs Asolo is a delight, and as you’ll see, her husband loves her so very much even though he manages to contain his own excitement LOL!


It was a real pleasure to treat this young couple on #MakeMeFabulous.
From their suite in Intercontinental hotel to the spa, to shopping, hair and makeup, with gifts from LG, Mango, Swatch…all the pampering just so they can see each other with new eyes.

And when they finally meet for dinner…
Wow! Love was renewed.

They have vowed to continue in this line of spending exclusive time together. That’s the essence of the show- see the beauty of your marriage!

Next week, we have another amazing experience with a couple we would share with you.

Many thanks to our sponsors:

Intercontinental Hotel
Porshe Lagos
Bnatural spa
T.M Lewin
Make up by Bimpe Onakoya
Stylist: Bubu

Enjoy the Asolo edition of #MakeMeFabulous, below:


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