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Happy International Women’s Day 2014!

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I’m so proud to be a woman!

There’s something really special about the way God created us – our thoughts, our emotions, our expressions, our strength, our determination to succeed that makes me so proud of women all over the world.

Today is a very special day for women. Celebrated annually on 8 March, today is the 2014 International Women’s Day with the theme: “Equality for women is progress for all”.

The theme is so apt at a time when women around the world are passing through difficult times as a result of domestic violence, unfriendly policies against women and more. While women have made great strides, a gender equality gap still exists.

On this special day, let’s not forget that countries with more gender equality have better economic growth. Companies with more women leaders perform better. Peace agreements that include women are more durable. Parliaments with more women enact more legislation on key social issues such as health, education, anti-discrimination and child support.

The evidence is clear: equality for women means progress for all.

To achieve their full potential, women must be allowed to participate actively as members of the society without any inhibitions. We must highlight the importance of achieving equality for women and girls not simply because it is a matter of fairness and fundamental human rights, but because progress in so many other areas depends on it.

Are you proud to be a woman? Tell me why. And for the men, celebrate the women around you today and share something special about them. 🙂



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