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It’s Fathers’ Day Special.  We ask people what they love most about their dads.

HE GIVES KINDLY: “What I love most about my dad is his commitment to his family. He is a provider. I know that my sound cliché, after all it his job to provide. But gives everything and gives very little to himself. He is the father with faded shirt, but his children are rocking new shoes. I have a picture that reminds so much of this sacrifice. We were standing next to a car (not his) in a neighbourhood. He was barefooted, but my brother and I were rocking really nice clothes. It almost looked like he couldn’t be the father of these kids. It makes me sad and happy at the same time. I am glad we are all grown now and we can take care of him like he deserves.” – Unoma

HE LOVES UNCONDITIONALLY: “I love my father because he never listened to anyone while raises four daughters. He was proud of us. Culture could not stop him from giving us the best education. He bragged about how intelligent his daughters are at every opportunity. He was so sure of our future that he told us not to marry just anybody that shows interest. When my elder sister moved abroad, became a doctor and said she wasn’t interested in getting married, my father didn’t guilt-trip. He simple let her be and kept loving her as his daughter. as a matter of fact, they are best friends. When my other elder was having a very rough marriage, it was my dad that told her to make a decision that can save her life. He has supported my marriage, and always tells me that marriage should not steal my personal joy. I love my dad so much. t is a privilege to be his daughter. I think I speak for my entire family.” – Rita

HE LOVES BY EXAMPLE: “I love how my dad takes care of my mum. The love is real. It’s been 21 years and it gets better everyday. I hope I find a man who loves me that much.” – Adeola

Happy Father’s Day from all of us at Stephanie Daily xoxo

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