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We celebrate cosmetologists and all the people who make us look beautiful on this day. Let’s take out time to acknowledge the multiple disciplines of beauticians which include: skincare, makeup, manicure/pedicure, cosmetic surgery, electrology, hair care, and other forms of cosmetic application to enhance our look.

Beauty is an investment. Our skin, hair, tone, the richness of our hair all come together to improve the way we see ourselves, which in turn improves the outcome in our lives.

Beauty cannot be ignored. Investing in glowing skin, understanding your body and how to accentuate your good points is worth it. Of course, we must know that perfection is not the goal; you should embrace your flaw too! Imperfections can also be beautiful. It all depends on your courage, confidence and carriage – that, too, is beauty.

So head to your local spa or salon for some me-time and pampering.

Ah! It is Monday. Ah well! Happy New Week! LOL!

PS: What part of you would you say is absolutely beautiful?

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