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People have different opinions about marriage. We ask five married people the best advice they can give, especially at a time like this when it seems many are skeptical.

EXPRESS YOUR FEELINGS: “I think it is important that you and your spouse drop all the distractions of work and chores, and just sit down and have a one-on-one vulnerable hour of expressing your true feeling to each other. Don’t just assume everything is fine. Get to know their fears and their dreams all over again. Show love and concern” – Michael.

COMPROMISE IS HEALTHY: “I know everyone is talking about looking out for themselves, but in marriage you have to learn to compromise, else it can be hell. So, relax. Know how to work out your own marriage and learn to make adjustments for the general peace of the marriage.” – Anwuli

RENEW YOUR VOWS: “Do not just take it for granted that your partner is yours. Of course, he/she is, but renewing your commitment to them is an assurance both of you need. It doesn’t have to be a ceremony, you can both just be in your space and re-commit yourselves to each other, and mean it!” – Ronke

FINANCIAL COMPATIBILITY: “Money makes everything easier and more comfortable. So continue to inspire and influence each other with your ability to run your lives with money. Love is not enough. Your ability to contribute to your marriage in a way that makes the life of your partner happier, goes a long way. OK, it may not be just money, but a lot of people have money as a love language, and it is one way to keep love alive because you can afford to spoil them with gifts, take them on vacation and so on.” – Eben.

SEX MATTERS: “Take the sexual needs of your spouse seriously. Meet their needs. Look good for your spouse. Always make an attempt to excite them. It never goes out of style.” – Irene


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