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A new month is just few days away. Are you ready for July? Let’s step into the month with mouths filled with prayers.

Here’s a list to inspire you:

I pray to let go of the past and give way for newer, fresher, and better things to come into my life.

I pray not to grieve the Holy Spirit so I can enjoy the protection and comfort He sends to give me.

I pray for success in July. I want to enjoy the fruits of my labour and have every cause to smile.

I pray to be unshaken by the storms of life. I want to conquer my fears and live my best life.

I want to experience something different in July – something profound and beautiful and life-changing. I am expectant. Amen.

I want my month to be full of thanksgiving. I am thankful for what I have conquered, and thankful for all the blessing ahead of me.

I want to trust God more. I want to spend time knowing what I am really here to do in life, I want to stay on the path of righteousness.

What’s your prayer as we approach July?

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