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Three Amazing Years

Today is a very special day for me. I’m sure by now you know why 🙂 It’s been three amazing years of marriage with my darling husband and I’m so grateful to God for all his mercies thus far.…


9 Things Women Do That Men Love

The truth about women – and the men who love them – goes beyond how they look or what they wear. Sometimes, its the less obvious attributes women have that get their man’s attention. So, ladies, I did us…

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Frank Talk: The First Year Of Marriage

After the congratulatory messages to newlyweds the next question usually is: “How is married life?” If the couple were to give an honest answer, many would agree that it is usually the hardest. The wedding is over, and the…

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Talk To Steph: He Married Someone Else

I am 32 years old. I dated a guy for four years. He took care of me financially. I know he loves me and I love him with everything I’ve got but just last month February, he married his ex-girlfriend. He…

Talk to Steph

Talk To Steph: I Don’t Want To Lose Her!

I received this touching email from a male reader recently who prefers to remain anonymous. Most times, I get emails from women about relationship issues so it was a bit different and interesting to read a man’s point of…

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How will you react to this!

You’ve been dating this person for 9 months, then you get engaged…but the pressure of life comes in the way of your love and both of you couldn’t handle it. So you break up. Only to hear 3 months…