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5 Tips to Maintaining Longer & Healthier Hair

There is so much “fuss” about hair these days, and people are beginning to pay more attention to how they keep hair healthier and longer.  Many hair experts say that hair grows an average of ½ inch per month, however it is the level of maintenance that determines how long your hair would be.

There is no magic involved in growing your hair, it just requires total commitment.

Here are 5 tips you could use to get your “dream” hair:

1. A Healthy Lifestyle: There is no leapfrogging about having a long hair, it starts from the inside-out. So give attention to what you eat, drink, and how you treat your body – as it affects your hair growth. Take more of fresh fruits, vegetables, and water. Regular exercise is also beneficial for your overall hair benefit.

2. Regular Trims: Now this is the part many people do not want to hear, because they believe that in getting a long hair, you have to retain as much of the length as possible. However, trims help to get rid of dry, damaged and split ends, which can work up their way to the shaft of your hair and cause more damage. Have a professional hair stylist who understands your hair, and your trimming could be anywhere between every six weeks to every six months.

3. Use moisturizing products: When it comes to hair moisture, Africans in general, require more, because of the dry nature of our hair. It is advisable to use products that replenish the needed moisture, especially shampoos and conditioners formulated for dry and/or damaged hair.

4. Protective Styling: To maintain a good hair length, the amount of hair manipulation has to be minimal; just because your hair has reached a certain length does not mean you have to let everyone know just how long it is. By wearing protective hair styling, you keep your ends from rubbing against clothing, pillowcases or car seats. This helps lock in the moisture your hair needs and prevents dryness that leads to hair breakage.

5. Do not Relax too often: Relaxer does not make your hair grow longer, however when it is time for a touch-up, get one because the longer you wait, the higher the chances of hair breakage. It is important to always mark the thin line between your relaxed hair, and the new growth. Be careful not to overlap relaxer to already relaxed hair, as this could lead to breakage. This also reinforces the point of having a competent stylist and sticking to one, so as to limit the number of people applying chemicals to your hair.

Ladies, do you have any more tips to add?

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