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This is great news! When I started advocating fistula awareness, one of my focus, as a filmmaker, was to spread the word and create the necessary awareness, pricking the ignorance surrounding the ailment. I did Dry, the movie, because…

I'm Loving Style

Stephanie in that breathtaking dress!

Ah! Stephanie owned the night on Saturday at the #MBGN event that held in Lagos. She was a judge for the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant, but just looking at her strut in that red carpet… oh wow……

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Should You Save To Buy A Phone?

The iPhone X is out! People are going gaga over it. It was introduced to the market with a price tag of $1,000. One thousand dollars equals N360,500! Hmm! What else can you use N360k to buy apart from…

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What’s Your Story?

If you had to tell your story to a stranger, what story, in all the years you have lived, will you share? I want to hear the story of your life in just five (5) sentences. Tell a story…

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We Remember 9/11

Today the world remembers 9/11. Not only for the terrorist act that took many lives and left many people without their loved ones, but for the recovery and the still-on fight against terrorism. It’s been 16 years. The World…


Eucharia, take heart.

We pray for God to console Eucharia Anunobi at this time of hurt. She buried her son yesterday. Dear Eucharia, may you find all the love and support you need at this time of loss. May you find the…

Tuesday Tips

Back to school tips: Getting Kids Ready

The holidays are almost over. Children will be heading back to school soon. Parents, are you ready? It was a long holiday, so children would either be looking forward to a new academic year or in many cases, there’d…

Entertainment Quotes

10 Inspiring Quotes on Beyonce’s Birthday

Beyonce is 36 today! She has touched many lives in different ways. That is the power of entertainment. On this special occasion, let’s share 10 inspiring quotes from the incredibly successful artiste: “When you love and accept yourself, when you…