#Inspiration: This 88 year old man just graduated!

Horace Sheffield of Barnsville, Georgia just completed his lifelong goal to graduate from college. He did that last week Friday at 88 years old! Sheffield went to Shorter University from 1960 to 1965, but he quit before graduating to…

Self Development

Inspiration for the Day!

– by Eleanor Roosevelt If you want to live a life of many great deeds and memorable successes, do the things that totally scare you – like that job you think is too high-up for you, go acquire the…

Sunday Thots

#SuperSunday: Showing Gratitude

We always think it is only those who have it all figure out that should show gratitude. First off, nobody has it all “figured out”; and also, it is actually those who lack a great deal that really should…


It’s World Malaria Day!

For Nigerians in the metropolis, malaria might seem like the ordinary condition that comes every once in a while to rattle our good health. But in many settlements across Africa, people die of malaria, mainly children. In areas with…


#TuesdayThots: Who are you most thankful for?

Who helped when you were sad and lonely? Who supported you when the world stood against you? Who gave you some money when you desperately needed it? Who believed in you and sowed positive words into your future? Who…