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5 Signs You Should Go On A Second Date

The first date is always a significant measure of whether an attraction would lead to a relationship or not. It might be awkward at first, but as two people settle into the date and begin chatting, you begin to…


5 Questions All Single Men Should Ask When Dating

Yesterday, we discussed 5 Questions All Single Women Should Ask When Dating and I was encouraged by your responses. It’s good to know that we are taking our relationships more seriously and that we know the importance of asking questions…

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Talk To Steph: Should I Date My Boss?

I recently started working at this company after being out of job for almost a year. I love everything about my job except for one thing – my boss wants me to date him. I don’t really like him…

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10 Things Men Notice First About Women

Have you ever wondered why it seems easy for some ladies to capture the attention of men more then others? Many times as ladies, we think its just our looks that gives a good first impression on the opposite sex. Wrong! Ladies,…


“Excuse Me, You Look Familiar”

While growing up as a teenager and post-teenage years in the Secondary School and University, I must have heard these words a million times. This was the most common pick up line guys used to get the attention of…

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How will you react to this!

You’ve been dating this person for 9 months, then you get engaged…but the pressure of life comes in the way of your love and both of you couldn’t handle it. So you break up. Only to hear 3 months…