Is It OK to take Relationship Advice from a Single Person?

It’s okay to take advice from people who love and care for you, such as close friends and relatives who are single?

Many people will argue that there’s a reason they’re single and to be honest, they should be focusing on how to change that,  and not be so concerned with  giving you advice.

On the flip side, some single people can be so full of wisdom that they dish out good advice even in situations they have little or no experience in.

For me, this is the way I see it: Your friends and family can be very bias when it comes to the personal responsibility because they see you in a different light than your spouse does. They don’t realize that you function in a different capacity as a friend than you do as a lover, so they’ll almost always side with you if they’re biased. 

So most times, their advice is not biased because they are single, but because of the relationship they have with you. That’s the way I feel.

What do you think? Is it OK to take relationship advice from a single person?

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