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Today, April 6, is International Day of Sports for Development and Peace. The global theme is: “Scoring for People, and the Planet”.

“Sports are an integral part of society as it keeps us physically active, competitive and fit. Playing sports can boost confidence and provide lots of life lessons. The International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP) takes place on April 6 and is observed to celebrate the role of sports and physical activity in our individual lives and communities across the globe.” –

We totally agree! Sports are unifying activities. They bring people and society together. The benefits of participating and promoting Sports are endless:

  • Sport can help people to become more social.
  • Sport can help to reduce obesity.
  • Sport can help to reduce depression.
  • Sport can create happier people.
  • Sport can help to reduce risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Sport can help to reduce anxiety.
  • Sport can help people to create friendships.
  • Sport can help children to become more active.
  • Sport can help to improve peoples mental health.
  • Sport can help teach us life lessons.
  • Sport can make people feel more confident.
  • Sport can create a healthier nation.
  • Sport can challenge us.
  • Sport can improve our learning.
  • Sport can help reduce healthcare costs.
  • Sport can help us to reduce stress.
  • Sport can help to boost our mood.
  • Sport can help reduce the risk of illnesses.
  • Sport creates jobs.
  • Sport can improve our well being.
  • Helps people to develop relationships.
  • Sport can help to reduce anxiety.
  • Sport can help to improve academic performance.
  • Sport can help to lower anti-social behaviour.
  • Sport can help to improve cognitive abilities.


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