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You want to know a truth? If you don’t take care of your MENTAL HEALTH, everything else suffers – your family, your job, your dreams, your goals, your physical and spiritual health, and even your financial status. Everything ropes around your MIND – how you think, how you perceive life to be, how you respond or react to things that happen to you. It’s all in your MIND, and you need to protect the core of your mind – your mental health.

Here are FIVE ways to protect and improve your mental state:

BUILD GOOD RELATIONSHIPS: Connect with great people who support you, cheer you on, empathize with you, and share life with you with little or no judgments. Invest in positive friendships, encourage healthy relationships at home and in the office with family and colleagues. Your mental health will thank you for this.

LEARN NEW SKILLS: When you are open to unravelling more of what you are capable of doing on this earth, you boost your self-esteem and also surprise yourself pleasantly, which in turn boosts the state of your mind and improves your mental health. So try a new skill today. It doesn’t have to be hectic or difficult. Just try something you believe you will enjoy learning. Go for it.

PRACTICE GRATITUDE: Yes! We talk a lot about gratitude on this blog, because without gratitude you have no functioning soul. You are just existing, occupying space in a crowded world without meaning or purpose to why you are hear. Nihilism creeps in and begins to question your right to exist. All of these happen because you are not tapped into gratitude. Gratitude is like a pill that cures all diseases. Your life is full and meaningful with joy when you understand the importance of gratitude. Also, practice mindfulness.

EXERCISE: Exercise takes care of your body and your self-esteem, and also your health. The benefits are endless. You are in top shape physically, health-wise and mentally when you exercise, so find what works for you and stay consistent. Don’t forget to take brisk walks.

GIVE TO PEOPLE: When you help others, when you sow into people’s lives – without any hope of a pay-back, you release yourself to a kind of peace that surpasses understanding – the God kind. And this lifestyle has the potential to improve your state of mind. Givers are the happiest people in the world.


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