5 things to do to bond with your kids

Like any relationship, the bond between a parent and child can be made stronger with some habits that can be easily incorporated into your everyday routines. In the present times, the technology which is counted as a blessing is also one negative element that spoils relationships. Therefore, there is a dire need that parents should become smart and use different tactics on handling their kids and developing bonds.

Here are 5 ways to do that easily!

Create a story together

Besides reading a book, I find it really fun to create a story with your child. Or if you love to sing, you could create lyrics to a song together. It’s easier than you think. Kids have a vivid imagination, so explore it as much as you can. By doing this, you can find it a more restful, intimate zone that only you and your child(ren) get to exist in.

Play Together

One of the best ways to bond with your kids is by having fun together. Whether you’re outdoors or indoors, engaging in a playful activity is a lot of fun for kids. Go outside and ride bikes together or kick around a soccer ball. Or grab a fun board game and encourage them to work on their social skills while you have fun.


Okay, so you may be thinking, “Listening isn’t an activity!” But I would argue that approaching it as such will do wonders for your relationship with your child. Caught up in the daily current of work and responsibility, it can be challenging to truly listen to our children in a way that is beneficial.

Provide them with surprises

To make your child feel happy and show him that you know what he/she likes, you should undoubtedly get surprise gifts sometimes for your child. The surprise could be small chocolate to an outing ticket to an amusement park; make sure you do all of it. When you don’t get surprises, and the child notices his peer group experiencing the same, he certainly feels terrible.

Tap into Their Interests

Part of a child finding themselves is discovering what their likes and dislikes are. A great way to bond with your child is to spend some time exploring their hobbies. If they like to cook, spend an afternoon cooking together. If they like art, spend some time drawing or making things with your child. Carve out some time to learn about their favorite things to do. Support their interests as it helps them grow as an individual.

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