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5 things to do to bond with your kids

Like any relationship, the bond between a parent and child can be made stronger with some habits that can be easily incorporated into your everyday routines. In the present times, the technology which is counted as a blessing is…

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Happy Mother’s Day!

I strongly believe that appreciation for any parent should be every day of the year, but, I still love to celebrate moms on this special day. I am so blessed to be one, and I celebrate all the wonderful…


Love People For Who They Are

Love people for who they are instead of judging them for who they are not. The last Sunday in July is already here! Is it just me or is this year moving really fast. It seems just like yesterday…


Love Don’t Cost A Thing!

Sometimes it’s hard to believe the best things in life are free. But the truth is exactly that. Love don’t cost a thing. And neither do all the other truly important things that matter most in life. Such as…

Make me fabulous

#MakeMeFabulous: How to renew your love

My reality show debuted last week. If you loved the Asolo edition, you shouldn’t miss this week’s edition for anything! You are going to see how important it is to cherish the love you’ve got. We get busy, that’s…