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The Truth About Antioxidants & The Immune System

With the Coronavirus sweeping across the world and infecting many at an alarming rate, one common thing people are looking into is is ways to boost their immune system.

On the whole, your immune system does a remarkable job of defending you against disease-causing microorganisms. Multiple research studies have proven the effectiveness of antioxidants to neutralise and eliminate free radicals from the bloodstream in a bid to keep your body functioning optimally. The immune system prevents countless diseases and cures infections. However, sometimes it needs a little help. Eating a diet rich in antioxidants can provide that extra boost.

The three major antioxidant vitamins are beta-carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E. You’ll find them in colorful fruits and vegetables, especially those with purple, blue, red, orange, and yellow hues. Don’t forget whole grains, nuts, seeds and beans are awash in these potent compounds, too. In addition, consuming green tea, garlic, ginger, onions and turmeric are not only good anti-inflammatory foods, but also contain antioxidants that boost your immune system.

These foods are by no means a cure to any kind of virus infection. They make your body stronger and better able to fight diseases, so, incorporate them into your diet not just during this pandemic but always.

Stay safe and stay healthy Amazonians!!

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