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FAQ: What can I get my man for Valentine’s Day?

As February 14 draws nearer, women complain it is hard to figure out what to get a man on a special day like Valentine’s.

Well, we have your answer!

Check out the list of cool and not-so-expensive options for men:

Designer sunglasses (invest in a good pair).

Special mug set (an exquisite mug he can leave on his office desk).

Portable espresso machine (If he loves coffee, yes!).

Leather wallet (you can never go wrong with this. His money and his ATM cards need a home).

Laptop bag (Get a good quality one. He takes his laptop almost everywhere, right?).

Cologne and men’s products (spoil him with men’s skincare and watch him glow). 

Food delivery (spoil him with a platter on D-day. Yum!).

Wireless Bluetooth portable speaker (an essential and thoughtful gift).

Leather passport case (Aha! Smart gift).

Airpods (something he can use everyday, very useful).

Whiskey/Cognac (invest in a premium bottle).

Expensive brand of coffee (If he is a coffee lover, he’ll smile).

A phone (if you can upgrade what he already has, why not?).

Beard grooming kit (if he has beards, definitely!).

Sneakers (you can never go wrong with a pair).

Will Smith’s book (WILL would be such a great gift!).

We hope this helps!

Go ahead and spoil a good man in your life.

So, what gift will you be getting your man?

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