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Hello Stephanie,

I want to grab an opportunity to grow my business abroad, but my family is based in Nigeria. I know it’s a common thing for husbands to relocate for the promise of a better life for the family, however my marriage is just six months old and we have a three weeks old baby. I am in my mid thirties, but my wife is just 21 and she is scared she won’t be able to cope without because she has to go to school whilst taking care of our baby, and the stress may be too much for her. She says she needs my physical presence and protection, She also complains about sex. My parents are dead and my siblings are living their own lives. My mother-in-law runs a farm in her village and taking care of a sick husband so she cannot be in town to take care of her.

The offer to grow my business is coming from my paternal uncle – a man I haven’t seen in over 20 years who is trying to rebuild connection with his relatives. My wife says I shouldn’t take the offer just yet, and begs for more time. She says she is going to be lonely.

I feel like if I don’t take it now, I may not have the opportunity again. And I really need to expand my business.

Can you ask your fans how they will handle this in my position? What do I do?

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    Racheal Edward
    October 22, 2017 at 8:49 am

    Make your wife know you understand her concern…. Mk her see the need for you to take the offer….. Your marriage is quite young but a lil sacrifice won’t hurt. You can even employ help just to ease her stress but my brother if all these fail…. Listen to your wife o

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