Wellness Hacks To Start Your Day With!

Happy Tuesday Amazonians and Warlords!

Today, let’s talk about our morning routine, because let’s face it, many of us can improve on this one.

The truth is that your mornings dictate your entire day.  By practicing a healthy morning routine, you can increase your productivity, decrease stress, boost happiness and more. Sometimes rough days feel unbearable, so I always try to get through my days by practicing one of these. No more excuses… time to take action!

1. Drink A Glass of Water

If you wake up feeling tired or sluggish you might be dehydrated. Try leaving a glass/bottle of water on your nightstand the night before, so you can drink it the next morning. It’s an easy wellness hack that can save your mornings.

2. Move your body

There’s something about the satisfaction and confidence that comes from an accomplishment complete before most people get out of bed. Run, work out, take an exercise class, or simply stretch. The tip here is just to move; anything to get your blood flowing. 

3. Start Your Day with Positive Affirmations

It gets me in the zone for the day, and I feel inspired and ready to conquer. Make it easy: Choose your affirmation the night before and write it down so all you have to do is read it in the morning, or say the same thing each day.

4. Get Outside

Whether you’re walking your kids to school, or just walking yourself (or sipping coffee on your balcony–whatever floats your boat), start your day with a little time outdoors, and it just might change your life too. 

5. Change your Morning Phone Habits

The key to having it really impact your life is to resist reaching for your phone as soon as you wake up. You are in charge of your morning, so eliminate everyone wanting things from you or social media playing with your emotions.

6. Eat a Healthy Breakfast Every Day

Find something you like to eat and stock up. Build a new routine where you start the day with good food every day. Within one week you will be hungry for breakfast.

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