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20 things to do at home during the coronavirus lockdown

Here are many ways to pass the time while inside your home

The Federal Government of Nigeria has put some of the major cities on shutdown and have instructed everyone to stay in there homes due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Love and Intimacy during Corona

This means it’ll take a while for normalcy to be restored.
Of course, people will be keen to keep busy during this difficult time and there are many things you can do to have fun, without leaving the house.

It’s a good time to get creative, take up a new hobby, or do all those jobs you haven’t had the time for.

However, Here are 20 ways to keep busy and we’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below.

  1. Do jigsaws
  2. Do DIY
  3. Play chess/monopoly or scrabble
  4. Learn an instrument
  5. Take up painting
  6. Read books
  7. Have a movie night complete with popcorn
  8. Make a list of all the things you want to do when this is over
  9. Learn a new language using YouTube or an audio guide
  10. Play FIFA or other games on the Xbox/PlayStation
  11. Have a virtual party with your friends online
  12. Phone elderly relatives who may be feeling lonely
  13. Take a long bath and listen to an audio book
  14. Make pizzas from scratch
  15. Recreate your favourite restaurant dishes at home
  16. Do origami
  17. Take up knitting
  18. Listen to podcasts or start your own
  19. Watch a classic musical and sing along
  20. Try out some new social media accounts and share what you’re up to each day

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