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It seems like a season of uncertainty. Nigeria always makes you feel this way. You feel helpless. You feel hopeless. You do what is required, but you never get the result you want. It is paralyzing, and a frustrating…

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Should You Save To Buy A Phone?

The iPhone X is out! People are going gaga over it. It was introduced to the market with a price tag of $1,000. One thousand dollars equals N360,500! Hmm! What else can you use N360k to buy apart from…

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What’s Your Story?

If you had to tell your story to a stranger, what story, in all the years you have lived, will you share? I want to hear the story of your life in just five (5) sentences. Tell a story…

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Sending Love and Light to all victims of flood

It is a serious and heartbreaking situation at Texas. The city is submerging! Hurricane Harvey has left in its wake destruction. Five people are dead, and almost all institutions are shut down – schools, airports etc. We, in Nigeria,…

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What would you do with a whooping $758.7m?!

A Massachusetts hospital worker has won the largest single-ticket prize in US lottery history, a whooping $758.7m Powerball jackpot. Mavis Wanczyk’s numbers hit the jackpot, now she is a multi-millionaire! What she did, after winning, was call her employers immediately…