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Sending Love and Light to all victims of flood

It is a serious and heartbreaking situation at Texas. The city is submerging! Hurricane Harvey has left in its wake destruction. Five people are dead, and almost all institutions are shut down – schools, airports etc.

We, in Nigeria, know what it is to suffer flood. We don’t have hurricanes, but our drainage aren’t handling issues as simple as rain. Weeks ago, we had pictures on social media of houses all across Lagos and flood taking over residents’ homes. It’s a sad situation.


In Houston, Texas, it’s a dire situation, and evacuation is possibly the next step.

There are many Nigerians living in Houston. To our brothers and sisters, and to the entire Texas, here’s some warmth and prayers coming from Nigeria.

We know our issues here in Nigeria are many, the little girl killed in Onitsha over last week is just heartrending. There’s so much pain in the world.

For everyone seeking succor, one way or another, may you find relief in the most painful part of your existence.


xoxo SL



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