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Affirmations inspired by Tems Grammy win!

We see all the black women winning, and we are so proud!

Here are 10 Affirmations curated for the season, for black women who constantly push the envelope:

Being ME is how I win.

I inhale my dreams and exhale my fears.

My heart and mind are open and ready for new experiences.

I accept radical responsibility for creating the life I want.

I tap into my magic by trusting my intuition.

I honor my commitment to take care of myself.

The chaos around me is no match for the calmness within me.

I am energetically aligned to all I desire.

My self-worth is high.

I find new ways to come home to myself each day.

Congratulations to Tems for winning the Grammys.

Congratulations to every black sister creating magic.

Black Girl Magic!

It’s a new week, be inspired Tribe.

*affirmations culled from balancedblackgirl

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