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It seems like a season of uncertainty. Nigeria always makes you feel this way. You feel helpless. You feel hopeless. You do what is required, but you never get the result you want. It is paralyzing, and a frustrating way to live when you don’t know anything for sure.

Regardless of these shortcomings, you must protect your happiness and peace, and the best way is to control what you can. The best way is to hold on to the things you know for sure!

What do you know for sure? Let’s help you with SIX things you should know:

We know that God will not forsake you. If you call on him from a place of sincerity, He will come through for you. Build a relationship with God. Nurture faith.

We know that even in the midst of uncertainty, there are people in your life you can count on. Keep them close, they are your rewards in life.

We know that time waits for no one. So leave your worries aside and make the best use of your hours – they become the moments you will cherish. Time is one of the most priceless gifts on earth, don’t waste it.

We know that exercise and diet contribute to your total health and happiness in life. Be disciplined and watch what and how you eat. It’s in your power.

We know that money can set you free AND it can also imprison you. Build a healthy understanding about money. Have a wholesome relationship with money. Let it serve you, not the other way round, and you will live a prosperous life.

Protect your mental health above all else. Do not let life get in the way of living well.

These are the things we know for sure! xoxo

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