Protect Your Privacy When Taking Pictures With Your Smartphone

Smartphone Pictures
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I came across this video online and I thought it would be nice to share. This is a wake up call to parents and guardians to be extra careful.

Did you know that pictures you’ve e-mailed or uploaded from your smartphone could leak information that can threaten your safety or that of your children?

It’s a new and frightening threat to parents.

Here’s how it works according to a report by KSHB
At UMKC, computer science Professor Deep Medhi says smartphones leave a high-tech invisible trail using the same geotracking technology that enables the social website Foursquare and handheld map apps.
“Exactly like in your GPS device in your car,” Medhi said. “When you do it, it can tell you exactly where it is.”
Medhi showed how the easily-obtained software can translate geotagged photos, uploaded or linked from popular websites, into maps.
“Exactly that spot where that picture was taken,” Medhi said.
How to deactivate your geotagging
The site reposts pictures from unwitting Twitter users in real time, translating their photos into actual addresses and maps.
The site also lists a how to deactivate geotagging on the iPhone, Blackberry with GPS, Google Android, and Palm WebOS.
The site recommends restricting which applications can access GPS marking, or turning off location services altogether, in your smartphone settings.

So people don’t forget to turn off your GPS settings before taking pictures you plan to post online and keep your online photo servers restricted to private.

Stay safe.



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