How Are You Snuggling Up To Bed?

As we wind up from our 2-day holiday, let’s talk pajamas!

Who else thinks wearing a PJ to sleep is very underrated? Pajamas has over time, become not just that very comfy clothing we wear to bed, but what we snuggle into when we know we are definitely spending the whole day at home.

There are various options, forms and styles for the ladies. One known reason why pajamas are popular as sleepwear is that they can provide utmost comfort, primarily because of their fabric material. They are typically made of silk, linen, soft flannel, or lightweight cotton.

So what’s your style? When it comes to wearing a PJ or not, what’s your best option? 

1. Silk

2. Cotton

3. Flannel

4. Linen

A. Two piece long sleeve and trousers

B. Two piece long sleeve and shorts

C. Two piece sleeveless and shorts

D. Two piece sleeveless and trousers

E. Sleeveless one piece(gown)

F. Shortsleeve one piece(gown)

G. Lingerie

H. Anything I see fit, I wear to bed😂

Your answers would come in pairs like; 2A, 3F etc.

I’d love to hear from you. What’s your style? 👇👇🥰

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