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I’ve Been Named Gree AC Brand Ambassador

I’m honored to become a brand ambassador for the world’s leading air conditioning brand, and partner with them on the spectacular beginning of a new phase.

This journey began on Tuesday, 15th June 2021 at the unveiling and signing ceremony which took place at the Choice International Group headquarters in Victoria Island, Lagos.

My personal experience with Gree ACs over the last few years has been truly pleasant and I can testify to the brand’s safety and durability. It circulates effectively, it is health-friendly, and it cools like winter. I am also thrilled at how much the company pays attention to aesthetics.

Paying attention to environmental safety is something I’m passionate about, and I can assure you that Gree ACs are eco-friendly with low power consumption and quiet operation.

So, Nigerians, watch out for more extraordinary achievements and innumerable opportunities from this brand. Gree has a ton of nation-building and environmentally-friendly goals in store for us and I’m excited to be a partner on this journey.

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