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This is great news!

When I started advocating fistula awareness, one of my focus, as a filmmaker, was to spread the word and create the necessary awareness, pricking the ignorance surrounding the ailment. I did Dry, the movie, because film and pictures are still the most powerful tools for building discussions and engaging people, especially when it is a subject as sensitive as VVF. The next step was to get on as many platforms to speak. All of these efforts – film and speaking, came only after I had seen the damage this ailment causes young girls and even old women. Years have gone into helping victims deal with their pain.

In all of this, I had also imagined the importance of being at the UN to address this issue. Mainly because the UN is such a huge platform, and the messages shared on this platform reaches places my single effort will not be able to reach.

So here I am at the UN in New York, getting ready to speak on Dry, a movie that took me a great amount of time to shoot and perfect. It’s a good feeling. People are coming from all across the world for the events lined up.

It’s a great day!

Pictures will follow shortly.

xoxo SL

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    Ezem chinedu
    September 18, 2017 at 10:59 am

    That movie is magnificent.

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