Have an Enjoyable Weekend with these Tips!

Get your favourite TV series and binge all day! Allow yourself become one of the characters and live vicariously through him/her.

Store your kitchen with stuff that you love to nibble on – fried meat, pepperoni, apples, plantain chips, popcorn. Spread your eating to little bits every other hour.

Load enough airtime on your phone and call someone who knows how to make you smile.

Read a book. Find a genre that will totally knock you off your socks, and soak yourself in.

Spa treatment

You need to visit the spa. No, it is not overrated. Go get pampered!

Go to a quiet beach and soak in nature.

Sleep! Rest, it’s been a long week, no?

Or just hang out with friends and loved ones.

So which activities will you engage in this weekend?


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    Ezem Chinedu
    August 5, 2017 at 1:55 pm

    Thanks my favorite actress

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