#Inspiration: This 88 year old man just graduated!

Horace Sheffield of Barnsville, Georgia just completed his lifelong goal to graduate from college. He did that last week Friday at 88 years old!

Sheffield went to Shorter University from 1960 to 1965, but he quit before graduating to help educate his daughters. 60 years later, he said it was time to get that degree. His determination was made fiercer when he realised he could achieve this goal for free, thanks to an article he read that senior citizens could go to college for free.

Now he is a graduate. His is happy and his family is proud of him.

There’s a lesson here, may be two:

  • Never give up on your dreams
  • Nothing should ever stop you from reaching your goals eventually
  • Don’t be limited by your age
  • Trust in God and give the best of you, always
  • Take advantage of all the opportunities available to you

Be inspired. Go make one of your lifelong ambitions come true. Right now!

Congrats to Mr. Sheffield!

#nevertoolate #greatnessawaits #ageisjustanumber #allthebest

xoxo SL

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    Will like to received inspiring massages.

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