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I’ve Been Named the Brand Ambassador for California Natural Foods’ Green Valley Oatmeal!

Hey guys,

I’ve been named the brand ambassador for Green Valley Oatmeal! 

This is a unique brand of Oatmeal manufactured by California Natural Foods. I’ll be representing the brand’s interest in Africa and I’m very excited about this new deal 

Green Valley Oatmeal is a unique brand of high quality and healthy oatmeal is a product of California Natural Foods, a company committed to maintaining the freshness and high-quality standards of all products. I’m honoured to be filling this role and I’m poised to promote this healthy and nutritious brand to the best of my ability.

Green Valley Oatmeal is my personal favourite and I’m so glad to be representing this unique brand. Not only is it a very healthy option, it is also very affordable and good for everyone.

It comes in beautiful and attractive packaging for individual and group/family consumption. Unlike many other brands, Green Valley Oatmeal is soft and easy to prepare. Asides from the traditional oatmeal pudding mostly served for breakfast, it can also be used for other recipes such as cookies, cakes and more.

It is already selling in major retail stores and supermarkets nationwide.

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