It’s Palm Sunday!

Palm Sunday marks the start of Holy Week. It reminds Christians of the journey Jesus made into Jerusalem, on a donkey, to celebrate the Jewish festival of Passover (Pesach). Jesus chose a donkey to show that he had come in peace. Many people welcomed Jesus by shouting, waving palm branches and throwing branches down in the path of the donkey. They hoped that Jesus was the Saviour who the Bible had promised.

Palm Sunday tells us that…it is the cross that is the true tree of life. On Palm Sunday Jesus had the bigger picture in mind. He looked beyond the present and thought about the worlds future.

Remember a week before he was crucified like a criminal, he rode into the city a king. Palm Sunday reminds us about the voluntary death of Jesus. He came to die. He planned to die. He intended to die. But even in death, Jesus had victory and He rose again to eternal life!

Today, we remember not just Jesus’ entry in to Jerusalem in the past, but also his entry in the future.

May the spirit of this holy occasion, the warmth of the season make your heart bloom with joy & happiness.

Have a blessed Palm Sunday.

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    March 29, 2015 at 8:50 am

    Hosana in the highiest.

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