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Nigeria, The Time Is Almost Here…

The day is almost here!

Tomorrow 28th March 2015, Nigeria will elect in a leader that will govern the affairs of our nation for the next four years. It is a moment we’ve all been waiting for, a time to exercise our civic rights and vote in candidate of our choice into power. It is imperative that we remain committed to this cause and get the elections right.

Your vote is your voice, Your vote is your right. Don’t be put off by how bleak things might seem. You have the power to make a decision that will affect the affairs of our nation not only for the next four years, but forever. You have the power to turn things around for the better by electing a leader you trust can handle the affairs of our nation positively.

So, do not sit down at home tomorrow or lament about the state of the nation on social media, go out and exercise your civic rights!

So, will you be voting tomorrow?

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