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5 Awesome Gifts Ideas For “Him” This Christmas

Hi SL Fabz,

Last week, I gave the men some tips on gift ideas for their wives or girlfriends this season. Click here if you missed it. Now ladies, its our turn to bring out our wallets and get shopping for a special gift for that special man in our lives.

Here are 5 fabulous gift ideas you could try:


1. Watches
If you aren’t sure where to start when you are searching for gifts for a man, you can’t travel too far with the idea of purchasing watches. He will love the practicality of the gift, and the fact it’s flashy enough to compliment what he may be wearing, yet not flashy enough to stand out and overpower anything. 


2. Clothes
While specific details in regards to the kind of clothes will of course vary from man to man, everyone has some kind of style. If you know the particular style of the man in your life, it shouldn’t be too difficult to piece together what kind of articles of clothing he may or may not enjoy. This really means you need to know a bit more about your gift recipient and what they’ll more than likely wear on a regular basis.



3. Cologne
You may be surprised, but men can enjoy giving off a nice scent just as much as women. Cologne can serve as a quite powerful identifier, and an element that can serve an almost equally significant as the accessories or clothes a man may decide to brandish. That fact aside, a gift of cologne can prove to be an enjoyable present for both you and your gift recipient.


4. Gadgets
Men are simple folk, but when it comes to buying them gifts, they really do love their toys. If your man is gadget mad he’ll be super thrilled to have one this Christmas. Gadget gifts for men are good choices for the tech lover in your life. A smartphone, an iPad, a TV set, a digital camera… are smart choices.


5. Pamper Him
Break out your pumice and peppermint foot scrub and treat him to an at-home pedicure. Soak his feet in very warm water for ten minutes while massaging his hands with non-girlie scented lotion (no fruits or flowers!). Then pat his feet dry, massage the pumice scrub into them, rinse well, and rub with that same non-scented lotion you used on his hands.

So, even if you are short on cash, there is no reason not to give ‘him’ a special treat this Christmas!

Does anyone have any other gift ideas to add to this list? 

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