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Some frogs were traveling through woods and two of them accidentally fell into a pit. The other frogs which were safe upside understood how deep the pit was and saw no hope for the frogs to escape out of it.

Both of these frogs started trying to get out of the pit but failed many times. The frogs on the safe side shouted at them to give up the pain of trying as it was not possible.

Eventually, one frog heard the other frogs and decided to stop trying and fell down to death. However, the other frog went on trying and at last managed to reach the top.

The other frogs asked him, “Did you not hear us?”

He explained that he was deaf and thought other frogs were encouraging him to get out.

Moral: To achieve your intended goals, you have to play deaf to people around you sometimes. Close your ears to the opinions and advice and do what you believe is true to you. And also, learn to use discouraging words as a pillar to prove to yourself that you can do whatever you intend to achieve. Yes!


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