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We are in the fifth month of 2023! Whoop!

The number five symbolizes GRACE. Grace helps us to achieve great things. God steps in to make a way for you where you would have otherwise encountered roadblocks.

The spiritual meaning of the month of May revolves around Growth, Rebirth and Transformation. It is a month of Fertility and Abundance; a month of Balance and Harmony; a month to embrace Change.

May hosts two zodiac signs – Taurus and Gemini, which represent Mental Strength and Security. May is the beginning of Happiness.

The month of May is traditionally linked to Love and Compassion, making it an ideal time for Nurturing Relationships and practicing Empathy and understanding towards others. May stimulates Creativity and Inspiration. It is a month that calls out for Celebration.

Indeed, a special month.

Happy May, everyone.


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