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We ask three women the experiences that changed their perspective to life and made them braver.

“I lost my dad at a time I needed him the most. I was going through a very rough relationship that was emotionally and verbally abusive. I had lost every confidence in me. I was no better than a piece of rumpled paper. My father was the only one who knew how to re-affirm me. And just when I was trying to understand how low I had sunk and how important it is to move away from my fiancé and the toxicity that wraps itself as love, my father was gone. It was then I knew how BRAVE I could be. I realized death was the worst that could happen, and if it did, at least I would be with my dad. So with that mindset, I picked myself up from misery, left the relationship for good and paved my own happiness. It hasn’t been easy, but I salute myself for being brave to move away from what tried to destroy me.” – Ejiro

“Losing weight has been the most traumatizing experience of my life. Anything I put in my mouth makes me fat. I see people eat like gluttons and add zero weight, I get jealous. I know how tough it is to progress in life when you struggle with your weight. I am shy, introverted and unable to put myself out there because people judge harshly. I’ve been on so many diet plan and exercises and nothing really works long term, it was later I decided I would have to love myself and my body regardless. If you have nothing to lose, you stop being afraid of losing anything. I heard that somewhere and I decided to make that my motto. I soaked myself in inspiring stories of plus-size people, and I found my own mojo. I got BRAVER because I decided not to let my weight or people’s unsolicited opinions and judgments stop me from living and enjoying life. I also signed up with a nutritionist because I will never give up on myself. Cheers to being braver than I ever imagined I could be.” – Perpetua

“Standing up to my very close-knit clique was the BRAVEST thing I have ever done, and once I was able to do it and the sky did not fall, I realized I was willingly part of a delusional group for so long because I was too afraid to speak up. I  just couldn’t take the hypocrisy anymore – the constant mockery of others, and the pretentious relationship we all shared. One day, they were gossiping about someone we know and it was so horrible, I decided it was time to distance myself from them, but before I did I made them realize how incurably ridiculous they are to attempt to remove the speck in someone else’s eye while they all go blind. I am better off without such people in my life, and I really should have done that sooner.” – Oluchi


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    March 29, 2023 at 1:33 pm

    Being a victim of Dyslexia and still full of ideas, infact being at the top has always been the bravest thing, God has really helped me!!
    Dyslexia can never be cured but it can be managed, even at the age of 30, I still face challenges..
    I face tasks and sort them out easily!!
    I no longer allows peoples words to get to me..
    Am a brave Woman!!

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