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Sunday, March 19, is Mother’s Day!

What would the world be without mothers?

If you are overwhelmed with gratitude and you don’t know what to say to your mother on this special day, let’s help you say it.

Here are some of the sweetest things you can tell your mother on Mother’s Day:

I’m glad that you’re my mother because I’m not sure anyone else could have put up with me this long! Love you, Mom.

Mom, you are the most outstanding woman in my life, and you’ll always be my number one. Have a very happy Mother’s Day!

Growing up I don’t think I realized just how much you did to keep our day-to-day life running so smoothly. Now that I’m grown up, I am in awe of everything you did for us, and I admire you all the more. Thank you for making my childhood such a special one! I love you, Mom!

I got all my good qualities from you, Mom! Isn’t it lucky you had more than enough for both of us?

Thank you Mom for showing me how to be the best version of myself. I am a strong woman because a strong woman raised me. I am so thankful for everything you’ve done for me.

When I think back on the sacrifices you made, you deserve a Mother’s Year!

May your Mother’s Day be filled with as much happiness as you brought to my childhood. I love you!

May all the love you gave to us come back to you a hundredfold on this special day!

They say that as you grow older, you turn more and more into the type of person your parents are. Thank God you’re so AWESOME! I love you, happy Mother’s Day.

To my mother: who never sends me out into the cruel world without first wrapping me up in the warmth of her love. I love you, Mom!


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