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What does it mean to “live your best life?”

We ask four women.

“Living my best life is having the resources to do whatever I dream of. I am a beautician. I would like to own a range of products some day, like Rihanna; but there’s more to it than just dreaming about it, and even if I work hard enough, I still may not be able to get enough funds to be as big as I want to in my business. If I am able to ever get to that point of being an international beautician, that would be me reaching my tallest goals and living my best life. Right now, I’m just getting by. I am not sad or anything like that o! I am hopeful, I work hard and I keep the dream alive. So I will not say I am living my best life just yet. Time and chance will come.” – Theresa, 31

“I started life early. I was done with school at 21 years, got a good job, moved into my own apartment by 23, travelled a lot… I have created some of the best memories a woman at 26 could possible dream of. I have always felt I was living my dreams, but I didn’t really see it as living my best life. There’s still so much I want for myself. Do you believe I still feel like I am not good enough even with everything I have achieved? It’s the impostor syndrome robbing me of complete happiness. I celebrated my 26th birthday in January, and having all the people I love throw a surprise party meant a lot to me. So I think, even if my mind isn’t yet catching up with my truth, my heart knows I am privileged, blessed and truly living a good life (may be not “best life” yet).” – Oluwaseun, 26

“I think living your best life can be described by pockets of events that mean so much to you. Living your best life doesn’t happen every hour. There will always be challenges. For instance, I have a new baby and I don’t feel like this is my best life. I am always tired, and baby is always crying. LOL! But I understand that this is what I prayed for, so having it is answered prayer. Regardless of the challenges of nurturing what I got, I think it is important to say that this is the blessing I asked for, therefore this shows that I am getting what I want from life and it doesn’t get any better than that.” – Nduka, 29

“Living my best life is travelling, loving on those who love me, having financial authority over my needs, looking good, eating right, deleting toxicity from my life, renewing my energy, creating safe spaces for my wellbeing, expressing the contents of my heart, and enjoying life the way I deserve. I am ticking the boxes one after the other.” – Gloria, 48

How will you describe “living your best life”?

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