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Talk To Steph: Who Should I Marry?

Hello Stephanie,

I’m in a very difficult situation now and I hope your readers can help me out.

I am 28 years-old and I have a boyfriend I have been dating for three years. We met in the University and started dating the year we graduated. The thing is he has been finding it very difficult getting a good job to help him settle down and start a family, but I’ve been very supportive and hoping things will get better for him. He also has some younger siblings that he’s taking care of. However, I recently met an older man who has lived abroad for many years and is ready to marry me. He has way more money than my boyfriend. He has met my parents and although they like my boyfriend, they are getting impatient with him and suggesting I should go for this older man.

I’m so confused right now. Most of my friends are married or have kids already and I don’t want to get older before I settle down. Should I wait for my boyfriend to get more financially stable and marry me or leave him for this older man who is ready to get married now? – Sharon

Hello, dearies! What do you advise Sharon to do?

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